Compact Portable Perl for Windows

This is a regular Perl built from original sources and packed into a single executable file. The packed executable is a lightweight all-in-one Perl interpreter, which includes a virtual file system that works like a read-only RAM-disk. Perl includes all standard modules, excluding CPAN module, which can't work with this portable Perl.

Additional libraries

To avoid collisions with possibly installed normal Perl, paths to library directories will not be passed to this portable Perl, however, the additional command line arguments "--libpath path" can be used to add additional library paths from the command line.

Additional modules can be added to virtual file system per request.


Compact Portable Perl for Windows
Version: 5.16.0

System requirements

Windows XP/2003/Vista/2008/7/2012/8/8.1/10/2016 32 and 64-bit.


Download archive, unzip it anywhere on your hard drive and start x32\perl.exe on 32-bit Windows or x64\perl.exe on 64-bit Windows.

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